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We enjoy hearing from our clients, so we encourage you to share details about your hunting trip with us. Please send an email message to info@dragoncreekwhitetails.com about your hunting experience (preferably with pictures we can use on our website). Thanks so much to those who have taken time to add to our hunting ranch reviews!!!

Paul C.  (Whitetail Deer Hunting)

Paul C. Whitetail Deer Hunting

Thank you so much for hosting us during our recent hunt trip. This was my second trip to Dragon Creek Ranch and much like the first trip, there was never a dull moment!!! Great food, friends and fellowship was had by all. Not to mention the Giant deer you have. I am very thankful to the both of you for making our trip such a success. I know we were a handful!!! We will be spreading the word about your place and the great time we had to our friends and fellow hunters. Blessings to you and your family and hope that the rest of the year is as funny and memorable as the beginning weeks of deer season.

Best Wishes!

Cory & Keith F.  (Elk Hunting)

Thanks again for a great hunt and an enjoyable stay. We had a great time and made some memories that will last forever. We have sent the bull off to get our European mount and look forward to seeing it again on one of our walls (Dad thinks he is getting it ...little does he know!). I will send you pictures of how it turns out.

I am still working on getting my wife to go out there and do a doe hunt with me. She isn't the outdoor hunting type. I just want to get her the experience so she could maybe start liking the sport or at least start to understand why I like it (it's a slim chance but a chance the same right?!?!)

Well, take care and we look forward to seeing you again.

Paul C.  (Whitetail Deer Hunting)

Paul C. Whitetail Deer Hunting

Thank you very much for the wonderful hunt and for the pictures of my hunt. As I mentioned if you guys ever need to or want to run an idea or thought by me, would love to give some outside perspective, or you can tell me to shut up!!!!! Either way works great. Look forward to seeing you all in February as well as watching your business grow in the near future.


Dwane K.  (Elk Hunting)

Dwane K. Elk Hunting

I realize this thank you is a little tardy, but wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my time at the Dragon Creek Ranch. You made me feel right at home with your down-home style. Butch you are the most knowledgeable person I ever met when is comes to elk and deer. Your relaxed style and knowledge made my hunt an outstanding experience. The hard work that you both put into your ranch is obvious and I pray it will continue to pay dividend to you and your children. God willing, I will make a return trip to Dragon Creek Ranch some day.

Thank You and God Bless

Lee P.  (Whitetail Deer Hunting)

My hunt exceeded all of my expectations, and was one of the best hunts I've ever had. The quality of the deer, the accomodations, and the GREAT home cooked meals are all first-rate. I suggest that you spend some time with Butch and Deb for a wonderful time hunting these BIG whitetails. I know I will be back for sure!

Leon M.  (Whitetail Deer Hunting)

Leon M. Whitetail Deer Hunting

You are the first outfitter that actually sent me your pictures!

If you guys are able to make it to Vegas in 2012 or Reno in 2013, be sure to let us know – we will take you to dinner. We had a really great time with you guys too. The first thing Nellie did when we arrived at home was to start bugging her mother to come with us, because Nellie REALLY wants to come back with you guys! I am writing a very positive hunt report on your ranch – they will send you a copy of it...

Thanks for the fabulous deer! Have great hunting season, and thanks again!

Paul S.  (Elk Hunting)

Paul S. Elk Hunting

Thanks again for a great hunt. Thanks for making Will's dreams come true. He told me this morning that he has to endure 380 days of boredom until we come back to Dragon Creek. Take care of yourselves, and we hope to see you in Las Vegas. If you have time maybe we can have a steak dinner; it’s on me.

Danell M.  (Whitetail Deer Hunting)

Danell M. Whitetail Deer Hunting

I just wanted to let you and Butch know I had an amazing time. Thank you so much for everything, and taking me out on the town. I loved going out with you all. It was so much fun. Please let me know if you are ever down this way I would love to see you again.

James B.  (Whitetail Deer Hunting)

James B. Whitetail Deer Hunting

I had a great time with you and Butch. This was a hunt of a lifetime for me, I will never forget it. I really appreciate your hospitality. You treated me like a king. I have told all my hunting friends about Dragon Creek Ranch and all the big deer that I saw. Everyone is very impressed with my deer. I hope that I am able to come hunt with you again some day. I hope the rest of your hunting season is fantastic.

Joe & Elaine F.  (Whitetail Deer Hunting)

Joe & Elaine F. Whitetail Deer Hunting

Both Elaine and I thank you, and Dragon Creek Ranch so much for the outstanding and enjoyable time. Not only did I get the type of buck I had hoped for, but we saw some beautiful scenery too. My wife especially enjoyed the tour of your property on the Ranger, as she had never been in that area before. She was in awe...

Both my son and son-in-law were very impressed with the buck and beautiful hilly trees in the background. Taking those photos were we did was perfect.

We thank both of you for the time and effort you put into pleasing your clients. We now can call you our friends too. Everything was great. Now I can start planning for next year too, as I would like to come back and do another hunt.


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